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<strong>About WP-Magazines</strong>

About WP-Magazines

About WP-Magazines

WP-Magazines is much more than just a responsive publishing platform. The goal is to help you publish the most beautiful digital magazines and instant articles ever.

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Online magazine testimonial WP-Magazines Marjorie Oskam

They’re extremely service-oriented.

Together with the team of DutchGiraffe, we’ve been working with a lot of joy and enthusiasm to realise the Emmi Cheese Magazines in the shortest time possible. DutchGiraffe is de expert partner you need to fulfil your goals.

Marjorie Oskam, Emmi Benelux – the Netherlands
Online magazine testimonial WP-Magazines Hans Maessen

Our magazine is read by thousands of people.

WP-Magazines/DutchGiraffe helped us to turn our ideas into an attractive responsive digital magazine. Each issue is read by thousands of customers over and over again. And, together with DutchGiraffe, we’re constantly analysing where improvements can be made.

Hans Maessen, Robeco – The Netherlands
Online magazine testimonial WP-Magazines Willy Mooren

It’s the ultimate online storytelling platform for your brand

For Hermit Coastal Gin, WP-Magazines is the responsive publishing platform for us to combine marketing, interaction en visualisation in a rock solid way. In combination with the expertise of DutchGiraffe, WP-Magazines can be the ultimate online storytelling platform for your brand!

Willy Mooren, Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin – The Netherlands An award winning responsive publishing platform

WP-Magazines offers a great collection of possibilities for you, as a marketing professional, designer or publisher, to publish your digital magazines and instant articles. Publish beautiful digital magazines and effective instant articles with the latest WordPress innovations combined with our responsive publishing platform, and cutting edge publishing technology.

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Effortlessly connect brands and people with WP-Magazines. You can design endlessly, making every publication one of a kind! Check out our cases and get inspired.

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And contributed to a great diversity of online brands and publications.


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