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When working with WP-Magazines, you can publish an unlimited number of digital magazines as well as instant articles. By doing so you can effortlessly connect brands and people.
<strong>About WP-Magazines</strong>

About WP-Magazines

About WP-Magazines

WP-Magazines is much more than just a responsive publishing platform. It’s set to help you publish the most beautiful digital magazines and instant articles ever.

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Start with a free trial

Start with a free trial

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Discover the benefits of WP-Magazines

Wordpress based platform

No HTML Knowledge required

100% Responsive design

Adapt to your own corporate identity

Freedom for custom design

Interactive design features

Comprehensive readers statistics

Premium / paid content

Create instant articles

WP-Magazines.com: An award winning responsive publishing platform

When working with WP-Magazines for publishing your digital magazines and instant articles, as a marketing professional, designer or publisher, you’ll have a great diversity of possibilities at your disposal. WP-Magazines offers you the latest WordPress innovations combined with the cutting edge publishing technology of our responsive publishing platform. We let you publish beautiful digital magazines and effective instant articles.

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With WP-Magazines you can effortlessly connect brands and people. You can design endlessly. So every publication is one of a kind! Check out our cases and get inspired.

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