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WP-Magazines: The powerful responsive publishing platform for online magazines and instant articles.

Add online magazines and instant articles to your (online) communications mix. This will increase the user experience for your readers. It also increases reading times, conversion and user loyalty.


By publishing online magazines you offer your readers a wonderful collection of carefully build magazine pages. You can guide your readers through the content of the magazine by its chronological page order. The recognizable page rhythm asks the reader to interact with content and actively participate in discussions by placing comments and filling out polls. This creates relevant and unique user generated content, which can be used as a subject base in following editions.


Online magazines are often published periodically. Some are published every 4 weeks, other every 8 weeks. In both cases you have to deal with infrequent moments of contact with your audience. And although for an online magazine, these are ideal intervals, your brand could benefit by being in touch with your readers more often. WP-Magazines therefore offers the option of publishing instant articles besides your online magazines. It increases the frequency of being in touch with your audience. Also the content you spread by publishing online will be created by an increasing number of people within you organization, and thus decreases your the burden on the communications team.


All magazines and instant articles are published together in a personal kiosk. It provides the visitor a clear overview of every publication ever made, both for your online magazines as wel as for the instant articles. They can search through every bit of content or log in as a subscriber to get to your premium content. The kiosk is the starting point for every reader.

<strong>About WP-Magazines</strong>

About WP-Magazines

About WP-Magazines

WP-Magazines is much more than just a responsive publishing platform. It’s set to help you publish the most beautiful digital magazines and instant articles ever.

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